''The Legend of Joan of Arc'' in Tunisia

23 SEPT 2018 - 15h
de la Cite de la Culture de Tunis


''The Legend of Joan of Arc'' Sneak Peek to be held at Joan of Arc's hometown

We are honored to have “The Legend of Joan of Arc” shown this September 15th at a sneak peek in Domremy, France, the small village where Joan of Arc was born and raised.
It will take place on September 15, 5pm local time at
2 Rue de la Basilique, Domremy, France.
Local phone for more info: (03 29 06 95 86).
Event in partnership with the town of Domremy-la-Pucelle.
September 15, 2018.

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Classics in Miniature® in the Messenger Mountain News

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Classics in Miniature® travels to Kazahkstan

Flyer for Classics in Miniature® screening at the World Puppet Carnival
Astana, Kazakhstan.
September 1-8, 2017.


UCLA Bruins article on Don Quixote

Pulling Strings: UCLA animation instructor presents ''Don Quixote'' film starring puppets
by Devon McReynolds
Los Angeles, California. 
April 14, 2010.